Brendan Fehr

Seed & Spark Campaign for “Behind the Yellow House”

There are 6 Days, 13 Hours Left to support the Seed & Spark campaign for “Behind the Yellow House”.

“Behind the Yellow House” follows the factual story of Maggie who was born and raised in an all-female dark and sinister coven in the mountains of New Mexico. Terry Futschik and Brendan Fehr are executive producing the project. The pilot will be directed by Joel Vallie.

Visit for more information on Maggie’s story, the focus for the filmmakers and the team and their crowdfunding needs. There, you can also watch a video. Brendan and Joel Vallie are talking about the project, which is scheduled to begin filming in early fall.*

Brendan also joins the cast in the principal role of Sheriff Brown. All new casting information will be posted on Seed & Spark first, but please make sure to follow updates on Facebook, too. The actor shared via his official Facebook page that he’s excited about the series and being apart of telling an amazing true story. Please read his message below:

I’m excited about Behind the Yellow House and being apart of telling an amazing true story.

We are reaching the final week for our crowdfunding campaign on Seed & Spark and have reached 56% of our goal. The efforts our team have put forth are commendable but we need YOU to dig deep and consider pledging to this impactful film. We have some really cool incentives for different levels of contributions including the opportunity to receive a producer credit.

Your support for this TRUE story is appreciated by our entire team! If contributing money is not possible, click on the heart beside the video to follow the progress of the film.

A true story about Maggie. She had a predestined future. Many will relate to her, she is the protector. She is the victim. Her will to survive will make you cheer and cry. Our call to action pilot for the series will provide resources at the end of each episode to provide support and hope for others.

This production is a made for television series Co-Produced by What are the Odds, LLC and Velvet Yard Productions, LLC.

//EDIT: *Brendan mentioned on Instagram that the filming of the pilot will start probably in January 2021.

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