Baron And Toluca

What is B+T? – Multi-language Videos

Our call for dans was successful. Some amazing fans from all over the world heard our cry for help and reached out. They’ve teamed up with us in order to explain the project Baron And Toluca in their mother tongue since many fans and potential dans all over the world are not aware of this amazing project.

In the upcoming days we are going to release the first couple of informational videos in different languages that explain What B+T is in order to offer some more insight and help spread the word, world-wide, on how to help support the B+T crowdfunding project.

We hope by creating these multi-language videos we can grow our Dandom family.

If you speak multiple languages and would like to lend your voice please DM us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook or comment below. You can even send us an email at: and we will send you the English Script.

Many thanks to Mireya, Sandra, Aurélie, Stefania, Gabi and Shenali. You all have done an incredible job!

Upcoming videos: Italian, Czech, Sinhala, …

Wat is B+T? – Baron And Toluca explained in Dutch

B+T staat voor Baron en Toluca. Baron Guerin .. DeLuca Toluca? B+T is geen “Roswell”, maar het is een eerbetoon aan het specifieke sciencefiction genre en de uitgesproken chemie tussen Michael en Maria. Read more»

C’est quoi B+T? – Baron And Toluca explained in French

C’est quoi B+T ? B+T c’est l’abréviation de Baron + Toluca. Baron Guerin .. DeLuca Toluca? B+T ce n’est pas Roswell. C’est plutôt un hommage à ce mélange si particulier entre d’un côté la série de science fiction, et de l’autre l’alchimie si particulière qu’il y avait entre Michael et Maria. Read more»

¿Que es B+T? – Baron And Toluca explained in Spanish

B+T significa Baron y Toluca. Baron Guerin… DeLuca Toluca? B+T no es Roswell, pero rinden homenaje a ese género en particular de ciencia ficción y la química distinta de Michael y Maria.

Read more»

Was steckt hinter B+T? – Baron And Toluca explained in German

B+T steht für Baron and Toluca. Baron Guerin .. DeLuca Toluca? B+T ist nicht „Roswell”, aber es ist eine Hommage an dieses besondere Science-Fiction-Genre sowie an die eindeutige Chemie zwischen den Charakteren Michael und Maria. Read more