Baron And Toluca

Calling all Dans

Do you speak multiple languages?

Seeing the chemistry of Brendan and Majandra on screen again is just one reason out of a million as to why we want B+T.

The creative collaboration we see these two have from filming, writing, directing, and acting keeps us wanting more. As it becomes abundantly clearer every day that the Dandom is growing and growing and many people are supporting and desiring B+T, sometimes we are surprised to find out when some are not aware of this amazing project.

As Sarah Cudlipp wrote in the article “Why We’re Excited for ‘Baron and Toluca’ “in ‘Cape&Castle’:

“You’ve all heard about Baron and Toluca right? If you haven’t then you clearly aren’t a Roswell fan. Because if you were, you would definitely crave the onscreen duo that is Majandra Delfino and Brendan Fehr.”

To offer some more insight and help spread the word, with the help of some dans, we created some informational videos in different languages that explain What B+T is, how to help support the crowdfunding project, and what they can do to help.

We hope by creating these multi-language videos we can grow our Dandom family- after all, aren’t we a welcoming bunch? 😉 If you speak multiple languages and would like to lend your voice please DM us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook or comment below. You can even send us an email at:

We are currently looking for the following languages but we are open to more!

– Hindi
– open to more! The more the better!

… and of course we can’t forget the most coveted language “Antarian”! #IYKYK

Voices featured by Mireya, Sandra, Nomi and Lena … with more beautiful voices by dans to come.