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New B+T Artwork Released

Edited by Tina

“New @BaronAndToluca artwork AND premiere announcement soon,” teased Brendan Fehr on April 20th, 2022.

Along with the announcement of the B+T pilot episode premiere at the ATX Television Festival two days later, fans got some eye-candy in the form of new promotional photos from the project.

Check out the photos below and make sure to grab a badge for the 11th edition of the ATX Television Festival. The pilot episode of “Baron And Toluca” is going to celebrate its world premiere in Austin, Texas in early June.

B+T Promo #1 – motorcycle

The promotional picture that was released with the ATX news features Majandra Delfino and Brendan Fehr as Toluca and Baron driving on a motorcycle in the middle of a road in a presumably calm neighborhood. Both are wearing their leather jackets and helmets. It seems like a neighborhood Roswell’s Maria DeLuca would wait for Michael Guerin to show up with his ‘bike’ again just to pick her up… The first letter of their characters’ names are highlighted in orange to form the shows name “B+T”.

Twitter user Cheryl commented on a tweet that included the new promo: “This promo shot for B&T is 🔥🔥🔥” and Brendan revealed that “It was @MajandraD’s idea.”

We agree that she’s brilliant!

B+T Promo #2 – Character Promos

A second promo, technically two more pictures, were published in a newsletter that both actors sent out to all their supporters. If you didn’t scroll down in the email titled “The B+T Premiere Announcement” from April 22, you might have missed it.

The artwork features character photos of Baron and Toluca, both again in their leather jackets and in the same outfits as on the motorcycle, with Brendan giving Baron a doubtful face expression and Majandra’s Toluca a knowing look. Blurry but recognizable are whiteboards and tables in the background.

What do you think about the new pictures? Did you make any connections or discoveries you’d like to share with us?