Frakes StarBurst interview now on-line

Thanks to scotlore for pointing this out!

The interview that Jonathan Frakes gave to last month’s StarBurst Magazine is now on-line at their site. You can read the complete article here.

Frakes talks about his thoughts on the future success of the show:

“…”I am feeling good,” Frakes says. “I think that Roswell is going to make it. It seems to have the teenage girl demographic, which is what the WB has circled as their goal. So I have very high hopes that we will be back next year. I talked to Jason Katims yesterday. Jason is the show runner and he was told that the decision won’t be made until May. We have a big four or five-episode arc at the end of the season that will hopefully attract attention. I’m going to be directing one of those episodes. I’ve done one, I’m starting my second episode next week and I’ll probably do one after that….”

He also discusses his day to day activities as executive producer:

“….We give notes on the first draft of the script and on the first cut of the episodes, when the director’s cut comes in,” he offers. “We look at dailies every day and keep track of those. That’s my day-to-day, and then I direct a few shows. Obviously, I go and check in whenever I can, since my office is right there on the lot….”

And what he thinks of the cast:

“…I think the kids are fabulous. I’m very fond of them. I feel an affinity for them because it feels like the beginning of Next Gen, as I see these kids getting used to having a television series, having a full-time job and learning everything that goes with that, the good and the bad, including the fact that they have to build up their stamina to work our 15-hour days….”


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