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More of the Majandra TV Guide Chat (with spoilers)

Thanks to Court for sending in another section of the chat! This is the rest except for the first 5 min or so!

Question: What kind of music will be on your cd?
TVGDelfino: Just music I write and produce.
TVGDelfino: If I could group it with another artist that would be a bad thing.

TVGDelfino: I can’t really describe it. They’ll just have to wait and see.

Question: What do you do in your free time?

TVGDelfino: I like to basically just do nothing.
TVGDelfino: It’s a big problem I have.

TVGDelfino: I basically just like to sit around and read and waste time.

TVGDelfino: I’m really random with what I read.

Question: Have you ever had a wierd encounter with a fan Majandra>?

TVGDelfino: Not yet. Just one guy in the Tony Danza show days.

TVGDelfino: He managed to show up everywhere I was at.

TVGDelfino: He didn’t act weird when I saw him.

TVGDelfino: But he was always there.

Question: Do you always plan on being an actress?

TVGDelfino: Not at all. When I was around 15 I thought it would be cool to
say I was in a movie.

TVGDelfino: I’ve lately decided that I do like it.

Question: Do you have any pets?

TVGDelfino: Yes. I have two dogs.

TVGDelfino: One is a royal standard poodle.

TVGDelfino: The other is Pekenese.

Question: Who do you hang out with most from the set?

TVGDelfino: Brendan

TVGDelfino: Fehr.

Question: Do the directors surprise you guys with the storylines or do you
Question: them all from the start?

TVGDelfino: We’ll get a script a week before we shoot it.

TVGDelfino: That’s as much as we know. Although I sneak into the writers
office and look at the board
TVGDelfino: to see what the writers have in store for me.

Question: Has roswell been renewed for a second season?

TVGDelfino: Nobody knows. I have no clue.

Question: What’s coming up with Maria’s and Michaels relationship?

TVGDelfino: It’s a long and bumpy road ahead. We will perservere.

TVGDelfino: Michael breaks Maria’s heart in a very bad way.
TVGDelfino: Bastard.

Question: What has been your favorite role so far?

TVGDelfino: I would say probably Maria. She’s the most comic one I’ve done.

Question: Majandra, can you tell us anything about the season finale of

TVGDelfino: I don’t even know myself. We haven’t filmed it.

TVGDelfino: We’re on 17 of 21 episodes right now.

Question: Are you gonna be in any upcoming movies//??

TVGDelfino: During the hiatus I’m hoping to work on my record.

TVGDelfino: I have a movie that’s now out out Blockbuster.

TVGDelfino: It’s called the Secret Life of Girls.

TVGDelfino: I would definitely recommend it

TVGDelfino: It’s a sweet story about parents getting divored in 1983. It’s
Question: Are there going to be any Maria centered eps like the one with
Question: in Independence Day?

TVGDelfino: I don’t know. I know as much as you do.

TVGDelfino: I’m not that far ahead.

Question: Do you need a great bass player?

TVGDelfino: I do all the instruments on my record. But thank you.

Question: Is there anything going on with you and Brendan?

TVGDelfino: Yeah. We hang out every day. And that’s what’s going on.

TVGDelfino: Sometimes, sometimes, we’ll go see a movie.

TVGDelfino: If we have a day off, we’ll go eat somewhere.

TVGDelfino: It’s a really exciting life.

TVGDelfino: :)

Question: Does the whole cast get along well?

TVGDelfino: Really well actually. If we were all in high school, we all
would have found each other
TVGDelfino: and been a big clique.

Question: How has your life changed since Roswell started?

TVGDelfino: Because the WB isn’t such a huge network, there are less people
watching me, than there
TVGDelfino: were when the Tony Danza show was on NBC.
TVGDelfino: So it’s not as bad as it used to be.

Question: Who is the biggest influence in your life? In acting?

TVGDelfino: In life I would say, unfortunately, my mom. I have to admit that
as much as I don’t want
TVGDelfino: to.

TVGDelfino: Well acting, I would say, Jack Nicholson.

Question: Michael and Isabel don’t get together do they? I heard a rumor
Question: they do and I love Michael &.Maria

TVGDelfino: If that were to happen, it would be more of a mistake than
something for the long run.

TVGDelfino: But, I think the writers know how much people like Michael and
Maria together.


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