More Roswell around the World!

Since we posted the article about Roswell going to Spain, a couple of people from other countries have written in! It sounds like Roswell is going to be a world wide hit before long.

Cheryl from Singapore says the show airs there at 11 PM on Wednesdays, right after The X-Files. What a good lead in. They have just seen Leaving Normal.

Ale writes in from Brazil, that the show is set to debut there on March 15. It will be airing on the Fox channel there.

Melroswellfan’s friends in New Zealand just finished watching Missing, and Katie from Australia says it airs there on Monday nights up against Ally McBeal and law and order.

Ashley says that Roswell airs on Fox in the Netherlands, and Monsters will be airing there tonight.

Arturo writes that Roswell is also priemiering in Mexico on March 15!

Suzanne from Cardiff, S Wales, UK says that Roswell High airs on Sky 1, which is available on cable, digital, and satellite. It airs on Thursdays at 8:00 PM.


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