Roswell is Hot Campaign Enters Home Stretch

This comes from holndpark, and others at the Roswell 2 board. Please check it out! We aren’t done yet!


The executives at the WB are meeting now to decide the fate of their new
shows. Their decision will be announced in May. In order to assure Roswell’s renewal, we MUST attract more viewers NOW. The ratings increase as of Monday, April 10th was promising but we must try and get them higher
AND we must maintain them.

We wanted to get The WB’s attention and we did it with the Tabasco blitz,
the emails, the Variety Ad, and the Variety Ad flyers. We have also been
very effective in alerting the media to our cause. This brings us to our
last and most important battle: “bringing in more viewers”. The WB wants to
see more viewers tuning in repeatedly every week.

The Roswell Is Hot campaign is now entering the home stretch. Efforts are
now being focused into the four main areas best suited to help Roswell
attract new viewers:

1. Sci-Fi sites: We need to remind everyone that Roswell is still a Sci-Fi
fantasy show. The best and most loyal audiences around are the science
fiction fans. We have to start writing and wooing other Sci-Fi fans, (e.g.,
Voyager, X-Files, the shows on the Sci-Fi channel, etc.).
2. Backstreet Boys: Needless to say they have a huge fan base just waiting to be tapped into. Many of them will no doubt be tuning in to the show
because of Howie Dorough’s appearance, however we can’t afford to wait until
the final episode for that to happen. We need to draw them in now.
3. 7th Heaven sites: Since 7th Heaven is the number one show on The WB and since Roswell airs immediately following, we need to keep this lead-in audience.
4. Sponsors: Lastly, we also need to turn our sights back to the
advertisers, both old and new. Keep in mind that The WB is interested in
ratings because that’s what interests the advertisers. We can get around the
Nielsens by going directly to the source.

Read the thread on the Roswell 2 board for more details on what
you can do to make sure Roswell is renewed.

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