Season Finale from E!Online – Spoilers

Thanks to Prufrock25 and to liz_parker for sending this in!

From E!, in Scoop TV with Kimberly Potts. The section pertaining to Roswell is as follows:

I Lied–One More Finale Note Roswell, the fab teen sci-fi drama and one of
several WB shows facing the chopping block (along with Felicity, the
aforementioned Popular and Jack and Jill), packs its season finale (May 15,
9 p.m.) with true fan-pleasing events. Sheriff Valenti (William Sadler)
helps rescue Max (Jason Behr) from FBI Agent Pierce (David Conrad) and is
stunned to realize the true alien identity of Michael (Brendan Fehr), Isabel
(Katherine Heigl) and Tess (Emilie De Ravin). Meanwhile, Max and Isabel
finally use the orb-like communicators to receive a message about their past
lives and future destiny from their real mother (General Hospital’s Genie
Francis, whose real-life hubby, Jonathan Frakes, is an exec producer on the
show). Sadly, that message not only doesn’t bode well for the siblings’
relationships with Liz (Shiri Appleby), Maria (Majandra Delfino) and Alex
(Colin Hanks), it unintentionally alerts hundreds of aliens to the existence
of Max, Michael and Isabel.


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