Roswell Hope Soars Australian Campaign

Thanks to Ming for this update!

Roswell Hope Soars Australian Campaign

As most of you know the show Roswell has been put on an ungodly hour on Friday nights (between 11.10pm to 1.10am) after only four episode on a primetime slot on Monday when it was put up against Ally McBeal, SouthPark, and Law and Order.

There have been a mass of ideas put forward but none has caught my attenion as much as the preposed…

Proposed Campaign Idea.

To Make Oragami Cranes, there is a story that says that if you make 1000 cranes your dream/wish comes true, it is a sign of Hope for our show Roswell.

What is needed:

1. To make a crane for each friend/family member/fellow work mate/room mate anyone who you know who likes Roswell get them to sign a crane.

2.What is also needed is a person in Sydney who we can send the cranes to so they can be arranged in a hanging mobile of all the cranes assembled together. Then to be passed on to Channel Nine Sydney.

3.If you do not know how to make oragami cranes please email me ( and tell me how many you need and I will make them and send them to you to sign and then forward to whomever is elected to pass them to Channel Nine Sydney.

4. For those of you who do know how to make cranes the suggested paper size is 210mm (which is 21cm or 8 5/16 Inch) white square, that 210mm height and 210 width.

5. On One wing write ROSWELL HOPE SOARS AUSTRALIA and on the other wing write/sign your name.

6. I Others in the US and in Australia to help make Cranes for those who don’t know how, in our respective countries. Send them out collect them back in and then send to designated address….

7. I have written a letter to send with the cranes and will pass it on to whom ever can send it in to Channel Nine Sydney.


Ming aka Homezomy

P.S. As soon as we have a central collector organised I will email again with an address to send your cranes to…help from our fellow fans in the US would be greatly appreciated…


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