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Roswell in Seventeen

Thanks to Sparklez for sending this in!

There were lots of Roswell mentionings in the new Seventeen special
Love issue..

First.. On page 18, there is a pic of Colin Hanks after the quiz, to see who your date is.. he’s choice Mostly 3’s, “The guy friend, a shoulder to cry on, sometimes jealous of you and your friends” etc. I didn’t type it all up.. but there’s a cute pic of him with it.

Then, on page 32, in the 40 Most Gorgeous Guys, Jason is on the very first page! There’s a very good pic of his face, and he’s in the rating “Bedroom eyes” (they rated different celebrities based on if they have sexy eyes, sexy lips or sexy bodies). Brendan is also pictured on page 37 for Lucsious Lips.

On page 81, there is a Kissing Trivia box at the top.. there are pics of different celebrities kissing either in movies or on TV, then you match up the number with the names to the picture. Shiri
and Jason are pictured from their first kiss in Heatwave. The caption at the top reads, “inhuman contact, a special kiss is out of this world” (all the pics are of people kissing vampires, ALIENS, etc.
they have the cute pic of Drew Barrymore kissing ET! and there’s also pics of Buffy & Angel).

On page 104, they have a thing on the side called Hot Lips.. they show a picture of a celebrity, and a bunch of close up pictures of their lips then you match the celeb to their lips. Brendan was
pictured in this and I believe he was celeb #1.


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