Hollywood Dream Jobs – Roswell Set Design

Thanks to Tamara for sending this in!

“Hollywood Dream Jobs” on the E! network and is running a piece that highlighted
Susan Benjamin, the set designer for “Roswell.”

She showed some of the sets and told the viewers that the x-rays in the UFO
Center (where the alien autopsy is) are actually dog x-rays. The cameras
followed her as she was looking for some lights that were to be used in an
operating room setting (I was thinking the “White Room” episode).

Depending on whether or not you are a detail person, it was interesting and
fun to see what work and creative thinking goes into setting the stage for
our favorite show!

The show will re-air at the following times:

7/20 at 10pm EST
7/21 at 11am and 5 pm EST
7/22 at 3pm EST
7/23 at 11 am EST


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