AICN: Don’t Miss Roswell Premiere

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Don’t Miss The Roswell Premiere!
El Cosmico here, with a recommendation for viewing this October 2nd.

I try to watch a good range of television, but there are very, VERY few shows I watch on a regular basis. In fact, there are only two shows that I HAVE to see every week. That I’m really hooked on. One is Futurama. The other is Roswell.

There have been the inevitable comparisons to Dawson’s Creek, Buffy, the X-Files, and every other somewhat thematically similar show on this earth, but the fact is, Roswell has a unique atmosphere to it, that for some reason, I really enjoy. What’s it about? A group of three kids who’ve grown up in Roswell, have odd experiences, come to realize they’re different than everyone, in fact, they realize that they’re aliens. When one of them, Max, saves the life of a human who’s shot, he risks exposing them all to alien hunters, namely, the FBI and sherrif. The first season essentially takes the three aliens from near-total ignorance of their origins to a revelation of who they really are. At least, the beginning of a revelation.

The entire cast is great, I would name my favorites, but I have a lot of favorites on this show for a lot of reasons, and I don’t really want to leave someone out. I should note that I think Emilie de Ravin is an excellent addition to the cast, she came on in the last few shows of the past season.