Mishmash Of Roswell Information

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This is on page 64 of the new Self magazine…about celebrities exercising…

“I do callanetics [an intense combination of stretching and deep muscle exercises] in my trailer between scenes.” — Katherine Heigl, Isabel Evans on the WB’s Roswell

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In the News section in the Crashdown, you have a post there about the
mentions in October’s Seventeen Magazine, and the person who gave you that
info forgot, or didn’t see actually, another mention: there’s a quiz called
“Are You Living La Vida Loca?” on pg. 94, and question #10 says:

You’re hooked on Jason Behr and devotedly watch Roswell every week, rerun or
not. In the middle of the show, Carrie from your math class calls,
desperately looking for homework help. You tell her
(a) you’ll call back in half an hour.
(b) to keep it quick; the shape-shifting alien might reappear.
(c) you’ll help, even though you are totally going to miss the ending of
your favorite show.

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there was an ad for Alloy magazine in Jump, and its says..

“Look out for the next month’s catalog, featuring Roswell’s Majandra Delfino!”

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I got this from the october issue of j-14

Page 38-Is it true…that Majandra Delfino and Brendan Fehr of Roswell are a
couple in real life?
“In real life? No, not in terms of boyfriend and girlfriend,” says Brendan.
Though the two are a couple in the sci-fi TV series, in this instance, life
does not imitate art. “There is nothing going on,” says Brendan. But, he
says, the two have grown surprisingly close as friends, considering that
their personalities clash!

Page 104-best TV shows…Roswell came in 4th, just like last month. hottest
TV stars…Jason Behr came in 6th, just like last month.

I’m pretty sure that’s it!

Thanks to Jackie for sending this in from this week’s TV Guide Ultimate Cable issue

Just noticed on Pg. 12:


JEERS to WB for showing Roswell reruns in random order. I had read so
much about this show that I thought I would check it out over the
summer. Unfortunately, the shows were completely out of order,
resulting in utter confusion. –Jennifer Skiles, Bristow, VA.

Thanks to Sheila for finding this in the current Teen People issue

Oct. 2000 Issue – page:166

Hotstuff Guys

1. Retro-fashion fans ( and Polo Jeans Co. Ralph Lauren customer Ryan Phillippe ) will love this basic suede jacket ($298) for it’s old – school vintag appeal. At Polo Jeans Co.

2. Freddie Prinze Jr. knows what it’s like to have no time on his hands – so we bet this Chaos fan will wear the company’s digital display watch ($45) on his wrist. 877-54-CHAOS.

3. These high- tech Dr.Martens ( $115) are out of this world, so the stellar Brendan Fehr is a fan. Go to

Note: page just has head shots of all three guys.

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I’m not sure if this is considered news or not but on the new program that shows in most schools in the U.S. called “Channel One” on Monday they played about 30 seconds of “Here With Me” by Dido as the theme song of their show for that day! Just thought I’d let you know because I thought it was really cool they played that song :o)