Roswell Featured In Returning Favorites TV Guide Issue

Thanks to Lisa (guerinschick) for sending this in :)

Hi, Roswell is featured in the new Returning Favorites issue. It has a pic
of Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess. It starts with.

Where We Left Off: After the kids united to rescue Max (Jason Behr)from evil
FBI alien hunters, Max, Michael (Brendan Fehr) and Isabel (Katherine Heigl)
received new romantic marching orders from a celestial apparition. To save
the alien race, Michael and Isabel must ditch Maria (Majandra Delfino) and
Alex (Colin Hanks) for each other, and Max must throw over the devoted Liz
(Shiri Appleby) for shifty fellow alien Tess (Emilie De Ravin).

The Big News: Executive producer Jason Katims promises to start his show’s
sophomore year with a bang. “What happens to one of the characters in the
first episode-not necessarily one of the kids-will lead to a major discovery,
and someone may get killed off”, he teases. Well, it is about mystery.

They’ve Got the Power: With the government and unnamed evil aliens closing
in on them, Max, Isabel and Michael will start refining their special gifts.
And its about time, says Heigl, whose Isabel used her dream-walking abilities
in the season finale to communicate with Max when he was being drugged and
tortured. “Isabel can’t pretend anymore that she’s a normal high school
girl,” she says. “I think she’s going to feel like she has more control.”

Match Unmade in Heaven: While Katims plans to maintain the momentum and
suspense of last season, he’s also making room for some romantic regrouping.
“We probably should start the season with all the characters in therapy”, he
says. Behr agrees that his character, Max should definitely hit the couch.
“He suffers from an overwhelming sense of abandonment by his parents and
Liz”, he says. “Max’s struggle is to decide whether to live a normal life as
a human with Liz or to accept this enormous responsibility”.

Matt Says: Can this irresistibly gripping show build upon it rabidly loyal
following in large enough numbers to convice WB to extend the 13 episode run
to a full second year? It certainly deserves the chance.