Variety/Hollywood Reporter Roswell Tidbits

I was doing some research on the net today about what the networks are charging for a 30 second commercial during each of their programs and came across this tidbit..The WB is only charging its advertisers $42,000 per 30 second ad during “Roswell.” I’ll be happy to share other ad prices for other shows if interested.

Thanks to dluu for sending this in from Variety :)

In Variety Sept 25-Oct 1 there is an article All Eyes On Monday Battleground. Under the WB: The Frog net fell back 21% in adults 18-34 (to 1.5/4) and 22% in teens (3.9/12) with most of these losses in the troublesome 9 o’clock hour.
Things improved significantly last April though, with the move of sci-fi drama “Roswell” to the night, and the series is back in that slot this fall. While “Roswell” might seem an odd pairing with the family-friendly 8 p.m. hit “7th Heaven”, it fares much better than anything else the net has tried in the last couple of years.

Thanks to Sheila for sending this in :)

The Hollywood Reporter Issue No.38- 2000-01 Guide To The Fall TV Season

In the TV Preview Section under Returning Shows ( Pgs.32-33 )

Roswell – ( Production Company ) Jason Katims Prods./Roundtable Ink and the Shephard/Robin Co. in association with Touchstone Television Prods., LLC.

( Executive Producers ) Jason Katims, Jonathan Frakes, Kevin Kelly Brown, Lisa J. Olin & Ronald D. Moore

( License Fee ) $965,000 ( Deficit^ ) $710,000

( Descripition/Talent ) This drama, set in the town of Roswell,N.M, follows the lives of teenagers Liz Parker ( Shiri Appleby ) and Max Evans ( Jason Behr ), who happens to be a surviving descendant of an alien spacecraft. Also stars Katherine Heigl, Brendan Fehr.

( ’99-00 Rank ) 134 ( Total Viewrs† ) 3.5

In the Who’s Who Section ( Pg.112 )

Roswell – Production Entities: Jason Katims Prods. in association with Regency Television Prods. and Twentieth Century Fox Television; Executive & Co-executive Producers: Jason Katims, Jonathan Frakes, Kevin Kelly Brown, Lisa Olin, Ronald D. Moore; Supervising Producer/Producer: Carol Trussell; Casting Directors: Michael Testa, Dan Shaner; Network Publicity: Suzanne Gomez; Publicity Phone: (818) 977- 4115

Note: License Fee is the amount per episode paid to producers by the network.

^Deficit is the difference between the license fee and the cost per episode.

†Source: The Hollywood Reporter’s Primetime Wrap-Up ( 5/26/00 )

Total viewers expressed in millions.