More Tidbits Of Roswell Information

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Here is some good Dido info from (Roswell mentioned.) She is
the featured artist. There is also a contest you can enter to meet Dido
in New York


If you examine pop singer Dido’s journey to stardom since her debut
album, No Angel, you’ll not only discover a singer with a stunning voice
and sound, but also an artist who has widespread appeal.

Rap star Eminem features Dido’s song, “Thank You,” on his new hit
single, “Stan.” Eminem and Dido recently performed this song together on
Saturday Night Live. Also, millions of viewers each week hear Dido’s
first single, “Here With Me,” as the theme to the sci-fi television
series, Roswell.

The songs on her album reflect influences ranging from Ella Fitzgerald
to the Clash. Dido blends these powerful inspirations with mellow
acoustics and electronic beats to create an album that is both new and
classic at the same time.

Hear Dido for yourself by downloading the track “Thank You” – available
for a limited time exclusively on Lycos Music.

Enter to win a trip to meet Dido and see her perform live on

The video for “Here With Me”, the theme song to the sci-fi television
series Roswell and the first single from Dido’s album.

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i’m not sure if you wanted to know, but at dido is mentioned on the
front page. I think its a video of her singing ‘here with me’ but i haven’t
tried it yet. I’m not sure how long it will be up.

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Ok, I bet yall have probably heard or seen, but this morning the “Here With
Me” Dido video was on VH1

Thanks to Raven for this. He is actually in the movie in case anyone was wondering..

I think the guy who played Agent Pierce is in a movie. It is called “Men of Honor” with Robert DeNeiro and Cuba Gooding Jr. If I’m wrong, oh well. But I could of sworn that I saw him in the commercial. So this is my info tid bit.

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