Replay: Dido Article

Thanks to Nikki for this. Maybe I should see if my copy has arrived yet of the magazine since I’m a member of the Replay club as well.

I don’t know if you know a store called Suncoast, well they gave this
offer call replay so that you get money back or whatever and I just got the
book they send me and it had a Dido article in it. I wanted to tell you this
cause I don’t know how you would explain it, but the Magazine is called

PS: In Dido news too she was on SNL performing “Stan” with Eminem, and she
put a music video for “here with me” and in New York it’s getting air play
too (mostly in the city on z100 and on Long Island with 106.1 WBLI– thoes
are really the only two stations I heard it on)

Speak for yourself Dido:

From soundtracks to a Slim Shady album, her songs are popping up in the most
unlikely places.

She’s named for an African warrior queen, but the songs on Dido’s stillvital
1999 debut No Angel reveal the electronic-pop chanteuse to be more of a lover
than a fighter. Perhaps that’s the very reason keep-’em-guessin’ tough guy
Eminem used a snippet of her melancholic “Thank You” as the hook for his
chilling tale of fandom gone awry, “Stan.” Even Dido herself doesn’t know for
sure. But that doesn’t mean the 28-year-old classically trained musician
doesn’t find herself fielding lots of questions about Eminem. When she
stopped by the Request office, we couldn’t help resist asking a few more.

Request: How have people reacted to your appearance on “Stan”?

Dido: I’ve spent the last few months doing interviews, being asked the most
ridiculous questions, like, Am I homophobic? I’m on a song on some guy’s
record who has created a character who says ridiculous things. How did you
get that I was homophobic?

Request: But you’re an Eminem Fan.

Dido: I spent the last week defending myself, which I’m definitely not used
to doing. But I’m happy to be on [The Marshal Mathers LP]. I think it’s
great. I just love it. He makes me laugh so much, and I just think it’s funny
that I’ve had to justify him in interviews. I feel bad for him in a way.
Obviously he created his own controversy], but it’s too bad that he has to
justify it day in and day out.

Request: Why do you think your songs are showing up so often on other records
and soundtracks?

Dido: I think it’s just the music. Basically, nine out of the 12 tracks on my
album have been licensed, and all more than once. So I’ve not quite caught up
with Moby, but I think the music has just got quite a filmy vibe, and that’s
why it gets picked up on….The first thing that happened was “Thank You”
being in [the 1998 movie] Sliding Doors.

Request: You got in on the final Lilith Fair. What was that like?

Dido: They gave me the “hot week.” It was July…..It was 110 degrees every
single day, and I had never experienced heat like that.

Request: You’ve toured a lot, too. How does the pop world compare how your
classical roots?

Dido: I toured with a classical ensemble when I was a kid. I hardly remember
it. All I remember is being homesick all the time. I was only 9, and I
remember being shipped off around Europe with these older kids. It’s a
slightly different experience now.