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TV Gal — Let the premieres begin

By Amy Amatangelo

General warning: This column contains several spoilers. I’ve kept the really big surprises a secret, but some mini-secrets will be revealed. Consider yourself warned.

“Theeey’re Baaaack.”

After thousands of bottles of Tabasco sauce, Roswell, the little alien show that could, returned to the WB Monday night at 9 p.m.

You’ll notice several changes. Remember all that hair Felicity cut off last season? You’ll find it firmly attached to Majandra Delfino’s head. Delfino’s hair looks great. Brendan Fehr, however, is sporting a very bad haircut. Considering how adorable he is, this is quite a shame.

Aside from these aesthetic alterations, the most notable change is the shift away from the romance that dominated the end of last season and a focus on the alien warfare Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess must wage. The gang also has a whole new slew of enemies this season now that Sheriff Valenti and his son are suddenly on their side (saving a life will do that for you.)

After watching two episodes, I haven’t quite decided how I feel about this season of “Roswell.” If last season shifted too much to the romantic side, this season seems too focused on the alien side. You’ll definitely be disappointed if you’re holding out for romantic moment between Max and Liz. You’ll be even more disappointed if you were hoping we had seen the last of Tess (Emilie de Ravin becomes a regular this season).

“Roswell” has not yet found the happy medium between the two important sides of the show. The most uninteresting cast addition is Gretchen Egolf’s Congresswoman Whittaker. A show this clever shouldn’t have a character as stereotypical as Whittaker. I still believe “Roswell” is a show worth saving, but it has a while to go before it finds a satisfying middle ground.