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Transcripts of videos at Majandra’s Music site – Part 2

Part Two

5th video – Tattoo – She’s like, kneeling underneath what looks like a generator…. This is probably the least accurate out of all of them, because they use a voice synthesizer and it’s harder to understand what she’s saying.

My ex-boyfriend was – well, he was my boyfriend at the time. He was moving out of his house, and he had all his s*** packed up. And he had this box that said letters on it. Letters and photographs. So, I looked inside the box, of course. And I was like, “ooh.” So next thing I know I’m like reading every single letter in there and looking at every picture, like “hmmm”, like so trying to piece everything together. And, he had told me about some girl, that you know, his, the one girl that ever kind of, you know, had any sort of affect on him. He dated her for like a month. And he met her, fell madly in love with her, so excited, dated her for a month and then she broke up with him. And uh, but she, you know, she said to him, “I want to see other people.” And he was like, “No way, I’m not into that, I’ve got morals.” Or whatever. And you know, was like, “So screw you.” So, anyway, I mean she, so she – it took him a month to get over her. And that was so heartbreaking. Just like a month over somebody. So, which, you know, seems pretty normal, because yeah, a month isn’t something unhealthy. But these through reading these letters I realized that not only did she just break up with him in a very nice way and say “Let’s be friends” and try to brush him off as nicely as possible. But he had two years worth of letters written to this girl, saying just the most psychotic things. And he never sent them to her, so that’s what was even more psychotic. And, I was reading it, and I was just, you know, realizing who this person was. And I totally, the whole time was singing the song “Tattoo” in my head.

6th video – Bruises

Bruises is a song that was written when I was so pissed off at somebody, because they were just so f***ing cruel. And um, I was so like, amazed by this new thing that, that there was no way to escape the feeling of feeling like such s***. Because, there’s always a solution to every other kind of pain – hydrogen peroxide and Tylenol and such. And all of a sudden, I was in a situation where it was like, no, you just have to wait it out. And you’re like, “I f***ing want to kill them! Why’d they do this to me?” So then, you start comparing all these things, and then being like, “Well, you know what? I’m gonna to sum up what you did to me, physically. I’m gonna beat the s*** out of you.”
‘Course it never happened, ’cause they’d just beat the s*** out of me back. But, you know. That’s where it came from. So, I wrote a song about it.

7th video – Scheming – She’s decorating a room with red ribbon, and spelling out the word “scheming” with the ribbon. You know how I said “Oilwater” was the least accurate? Forget it. This one definitely is. They use voice synthesizers throughout the entire video. It’s nice, becuause it makes the video almost into a song itself, but it’s also so much harder to understand. There’s just the end of one line I’m not completely sure of…the one where she’s talking about changing and lying.
Okay, Scheming.

(sigh) Okay, I had worked with this guy, um, who was generally traditional, was like, “I want to get married as soon as possible and have children.” So all of a sudden I had this crush on this guy.
I had no idea. He just, he got the best of me. I was becoming one of these people who’s like, who change and lie till they’re practically gonna get married. I was like, going into that crazy train of thought where you’re like so trying to like, tame somebody. Go through this feeling and this uh, behavior, just for five minutes or so out of the day. That’s all I needed to uh, pull this out and run to a room and lock myself in there. And grab a piece of paper, and a pen, from the room. And wrote down this whole thing, you know? ‘Cause um, it just so baffled me that I was thinking like that. I was thinking before I spoke, like, what would be a clever thing to say and all that. And I was just, “What the f***?” So I wrote it all down.

8th video –

The last of the videos doesn’t have any music or voiceover. It’s a video of Majandra writing the words of her songs all over her body, and the music is the site’s background music.

Legal notes – the videos and all of their content are copyright MajandraMusic.