Article regarding Dido with a mention of ‘Roswell’

Thanks to rinahan for sending this in:

Was reading the paper on 02/02/01 and there was a music review about DiDo. Hope you enjoy it.

Melancholia that sells

Thanx to Eminem’s sampling of her song Thank you, 28-year-old British thrush Dido Armstrong has become the most succesful UK artist in America no one has heard of, shifting more than a million copies stateside.
Finally released in Singapore last month, her debut album No Angel proves why America lapped her up.

In a new century where trip-hop and drum ‘n’ bass have become the soundtrack du jour for car ads, Dido success shows there is still a viable market out there for the sort of broody, slo-mo melodrama featuring a distraught chanteuse. (see also Goldfrapp)
Dido, though, is no distraught chanteuse- No Angel is no beatific, sparkling pop, but neither is it hardcore trip to hell and back.
Often compared to the breathy Beth Orton and the melismatic Celtic mavens Sarah McLachlan and Sinead O’Connor, Dido seems to have learned well from her forerunners. She braids her ear-candy melancholia like a well-meaning siren who just wants to croon sadly but not lash out.
It’s a pretty voice for people weaned on Alanis: a little radio-ready angst buffed for mass consumption, with some radio wizardry care of brother Rollo from dance act Faithless.
Tellingly, the first song, Here With Me, is used for the theme song for sci-fi teen drama ROSWELL. Despite the album’s title, the good-time No Angel invokes peace, love and all queasy good feelings. And sleep.
Dido’s No Angel was given three stars out of five.

* I don’t understand why they say her album was released last month as I got her album way back since June/July last year.