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Spoilerish: “Valentine” Information

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Fandom Interview with Jamie Blanks, Director of Valentine

Smilin’ Jack: Katherine Heigel mentioned that the scene of her death was trimmed. Why was this?

Jamie: A lot of the deaths were trimmed. I submitted my director’s cut to the MPAA and received an “R” rating with the violence intact. Warners was leery of all the blood because of the political climate at the time so we did some digital clean-up and removed a lot of the blood. In one of the later kills, when a girl is thrust down on broken glass, ironically the blood pooled out into the shape of a heart. We had to cut that.

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Hi! On the 5:00 news on NBC, they had a review for VALENTINE. They showed
Katherine Heigl. They showed her running through the halls and then in
a morgue (I think). They were talking about how she is the first victim.
They said that she was a med-student who “ironically is examining corpses
when the killer comes”.

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From Buffy/Angel Email Newsletter:


Denise Richards, Marley Shelton, Jessica Capshaw and Katherine Heigl
(Isabel on “Roswell”)… and that dark, brooding guy, you know the one.
David Boreanaz shows off his not-so-angelic side this Friday (February
2nd) on the big screen in “Valentine.” The plot promises to be good and
bloody (no change for our hero) but there’s some question as to what
side of the good/evil fight he’s on. Get ready for a scream-fest. Find
out more about the movie here:

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i dont know if anyone knows this, but i was on the internet
yesterday and i found the movie “valentine” starring the guy from “angel”
and katherine heigl from “roswell” had a website, its called
valentinemovie.com, go check it out, its really cool, you get to interact a
little bit with the movie by traveling thourgh this spooky house, and each
room has a little bit of the movie, showing different clips from each room
like the bedroom and shower and stuff like that, really cool, you can also
purchase a valentine poster off the website, another cool think and see pics
of the cast including angel. GO CHECK IT OUT! ps. im sorry but i forgot
david’s (angel) last name, isnt it borenanz or something, well oh well,