Campaign Crew-Another Newsletter On VLV

Hello everybody,

We hate to bother everyone again, but “Viva Las Vegas” is a really important episode (for several reasons, please trust us). Please do everything that you can to promote it. Here are some submissions from fans that are taking this challenge very seriously. Please join us in making the ratings soar!! We apologize to anyone who doesn’t like receiving frequent e-mails, but we’re in desperate need of everyone’s help. To those of you who might be depressed over recent spoilers, I can assure you that it’s definitely not as bad as things appear. Don’t believe everything that you read… especially unconfirmed spoilers. If there was ever a time when we all need to stick together, we’re living in it right now. So please bear with us!

— The Campaign Crew

Thanks to Matt for submitting this:

Hi! I would like to invite you to watch a special episode of Roswell on February 26. The Roswell crew takes a road trip and heads for “Sin City” in this stand-alone episode, “Viva Las Vegas”. Roswell is an exciting show with a great plot, a touch of humor, and a bit of romance, and I am sure you will love it!

If you would like to get a preview of “Viva Las Vegas” or are simply new to “Roswell”, then please visit:

You can read an episode description, watch the episode trailer, and get links to the “Roswell Primer”, for those who are new to Roswell. Also, be sure to check out some links to some GREAT FREE GIFTS, simply for visiting the site!

Also, I would really appreciate it if you would forward this to some of your friends and family. Roswell is a GREAT show, and I want to let EVERYONE know about it!

Thanks to AgentDaedalus for submitting these wonderful posters. Let’s get them splattered everywhere.

Thanks to soxgirl45 for submitting this:


An ambitious group of Roswell fans have decided to take the Roswell message
to the city streets. Please check out the link below and join them. This is
so important for getting the word out about the show. Getting people who
don’t know about the show hooked is an important aspect of campaigning. In
fact, it could get us our 3rd season.

I have an actual Roswell Street Team website where you can join and print out
banners. It’s got the same idea to it but it has some extra stuff about the
show and characters and was created before this thread was started (my
official founding date for the club was before they started the thread).