More Information On Voting In Teen Choice Awards

Thanks to Calla who sent this to me:

Thanks to pjaysam for this. Make sure to foward this info to everyone. The
more votes for Roswell the better chance it will have in making the final
cut. Thanks.

We’ll take all your suggestions into consideration. And be sure to have a look
at the July 2001 issue of seventeen to
see if your suggestions made it onto the ballot.

Vote for Roswell Actors in Movie Categories, Majandra in “Traffic”, Colin in
“Get Over It.” Vote for Roswell music, like Dido
and others that have been on the show. I filled in some of the answers below
and all you have to do is forward an email with
all your nominee suggestions to


1. Choice Actor, Movies (Colin Hanks in Get Over It)
2. Choice Actress, Movies (Majandra Delfino in Traffic or Katherine Heigl in
3. Choice Breakout Performance, (Brendan Fehr in Final Destination or Colin
Hanks in Get Over It)
4. Choice Drama, Movies
5. Choice Comedy, Movies
6. Choice Sleazebag (character), Movies
7. Choice Liar, Movies
8. Choice Chemistry, Movies
9. Choice Hissy Fit, Movies

10. Choice Actor, TV (Jason Behr)
11. Choice Actress, TV (Shiri Appleby)
12. Choice Sidekick. TV (Majandra Delfino)
13. Choice Drama, TV (Roswell)
14. Choice Comedy, TV
15. Choice Breakout Show, TV
16. Choice Personality, TV (Nick Weschler or Colin Hanks, Roswell)

17. Choice Single, Music (Here With Me, Dido)
18. Choice Album, Music (No Angel, Dido)
19. Choice Male Artist, Music
20. Choice Female Artist, Music (Dido)
21. Choice Pop Group, Music
22. Choice Rock Group, Music
23. Choice Breakout Artist/Group, Music (Dido)
24. Choice Love Song, Music (Here With Me, Dido)
25. Choice R&B/Rap/Hip-hop Tune, Music
26. Choice Music Video, Music (Here With Me, Dido)

27. Choice Male Hottie, The Look (Jason Behr)
28. Choice Female Hottie, The Look (Katherine Heigl)
29. Extraordinary Achievement Award, for a celebrity do-gooder( The Cast Of
Roswell for their time and effort in helping raise thousands of dollars for
the Pediatric Cancer Foundation, by auctions and a special episode)