Optimistic WB Affiliate News on Renewal

Thanks to Karbear3916 for sending me this optimistic information and MountainGirl for posting this on the FF Board. This was posted on the Write to the WB Affiliates thread.

Response from a WB Affliate:

Dear Roswell Fan:

Thank you so much for your support of Roswell. KDAF and The WB Network are
very proud to offer our viewers this quality show and we are very pleased that it has such a large and loyal audience.

I can assure you that, at this time, The WB Network has no plans to cancel Roswell. Gilmore Girls is currently airing in the Monday 8:00pm time slot to give it the benefit of a compatible lead-in from 7th Heaven to hopefully boost awareness for this wonderful show. Affiliates have not yet been given the exact date when Roswell will return to Monday nights, however, I can
assure you that it will return to the schedule in April.

Please keep an eye out for on-air promos, in your local TV listings and on our website for more information about Roswell’s return to The WB’s schedule.

In the meantime, you may find more details about the show and it’s stars on
The WB’s website:

Thank you,
Katy Long
Programming Coordinator