Dream Do Come True For “Roswell” Fan

Thanks to Jen for sending these articles in about her trip to the set.

These two articles were in two local newspapers last week about my trip to the “Roswell” set in March.

The News Sun
“Mundelein High sophomore granted wish to meet cast of ‘Roswell’ ”

Mundelein High School sophomore Jennifer Cavallero had dreamed of meeting her
idols form the television show Roswell since the shoe began, but she never
thought it could really happen, until last year that is. Jennifer has
juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and was hospitalized in March 2000 because of
surgery needed as a result of the arthritis. While she was in the hospital,
a representative from The Starlight Foundation, a foundation that grants
wishes to chronically ill children, approached her and asked if she would
like to participate in the program.
“They asked me to choose the top three things I wanted to do,” said
Jennifer. “so I told them my first choice was to go to the set of Roswell
and meet the actors. My second choice was to go to New York and see The
Rosie O’Donnell Show and then see a Broadway play.”
Jennifer didn’t know which wish would be granted until the end of
February 2001, when she,indeed, found out that she, her mother and her sister
would fly to California, spend a day on the set of Roswell, and meet the
actors and actresses invloved with the production. They spent a week in
California and spent a day each at Disneyland and Universal Sudios, as well
as on the television set.
The day Jennifer, her mother and sister watched the taping, the cast was
on location in Covina, Calif.
“I was surprised how long it took to film a television show,” said
Cavallero. “It took four hours to film one minute and a half scene. There
was a lot of standing around.” According to Jennifer, the episode she viewed
will air at the end of the season, probably sometime near the end of May.
Jennifer did, in fact, meet her idols from the television show, which
include Jason Behr, Brendan Fehr, Katherine Heigl and Nick Weschler. Photos
were taken of the day’s events to be placed in Jennifer’s scrapbook.
“The best part of the day was when I got a hug from Jason Behr. Yea,
that was pretty nice,” reminisced Jennifer.

From The Daily Herald
Thursday, April 19, 2001

Starstruck: Sometimes wishes do come true. Just ask Mundelein High School
sophomore Jennifer Cavallero.
The teen flew to California last month to meet the stars of one of her
favorite shows, “Roswell.”
“It was a lot of fun,” she said.
Cavallero, who suffers from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, was grented
the special trip by the Starlight Foundation, an organization that gives
wishes to chronically ill children.
Cavallero was introduced to the group last year after undergoing surgery
to treat the disease. But it wasn’t until February that she found out her
wish would be granted.
Cavallero, her sister and her mother spent a day on the WB television
network’s “Roswell” set and met the actors who star in the show, which is
about alien visitors on Earth. They were even able to watch the show being
“I got to listen to a headset to hear what was going on,” said Cavallero,
who is feeling much better today. “it was pretty interesting.”
Cavallero said she took plenty of photographs and got the stars’
autographs–as well as a hug from actor Jason Behr.
“That was pretty nice,” she said.

Note: The episode I saw filming of was “Baby It’s You.” And trust me, Jason is even cuter in person :)