First Casuality Voted From “Roswell Survivor”

I tried posting this last night but it wouldn’t go through :(

Well…it’s been three days and now it’s time for one of the sixteen “Roswell” campers to leave camp and head back to civilization.

The first victim voted out of the camping trip, by the visitors of this site, by just two votes is….

Sean DeLuca

Sean walked away with 27 votes cast against him to Tess’ 25.

The rest of the castaways received the following votes cast against them:

Rath (Michael’s dupe) 12
Nicholas 11
Lonnie (Isabel’s dupe) 10
Amy DeLuca and Ava 3
Max Evans/Liz Parker and Maria DeLuca 2
Alex Whitman/Isabel Evans and Jim Valenti 1
Kyle Valenti/Michael Guerin and Brody 0

Here’s some of the responses to why people voted the way they did.. (I’m withholding names to make it more fair for everyone reading this and wanting to participate)

“While some of the campers are not pulling their weight with the tents,
getting the fire started etc…(namely Nicholas, Lonnie and Rath), they
have potential to help. Rath said that if they wanted a fire, he could
deliver fire…but let’s just stay clear of asking him for that kind of
help. It’s only the first day, and already, some of the members have
told me that some of their stuff is missing. Liz, Tess, Isabel, Ava and
Lonnie have complained that some of their delicates were missing. At
first, they all thought Nicholas, because, hey, the lady’s man has been
stuck in kiddie form for 50 years, he’s bound to be frustrated. When
they checked out his belongings, they didn’t find anything on him. Then
they turned to Rath, but as Maria stated, boy is hot. And he’s screwing
Lonnie. He doesn’t need to steal anyone’s panties. He could just ask
them for it. After much thinking, Maria realised that the only 2 females
who didn’t get panties stolen were herself and Amy. She took that
information to the Sheriff and he obviously was on the same wave length
as her. Valenti ordered a group meeting and asked Sean to bring his
backpack with him. After scrumaging around the bag, Valenti found the
missing delicates. The girls were NOT impressed. There’s tension in the
camp. The girls are all angry with Sean, as are the girls’ jealous
significant others. Rath seems to be the only one impressed. Nicky too,
but after being accused for a crime he wished he thought of so he could
commit, he was a bit angry at Sean.

Therefore, to keep harmony on the trip, Sean must leave. Anyway, the
guy’s on parole. He has to check in every so often.”

“because he keeps posing as Michael and making-out w/ Maria and keeps tring to kill Max w/ his powers”

“Vote Nicholas off the camping trip.

He’s a braty little kid who is a loner and a trouble
maker. He’ll wander off, to plot more trouble and
someone will have to go find him constantly. Not to
mention he’d be dropping skin flakes all over the camp
ground & inside the tents. After several days of bad
attitude compounded by holier then thou disrespect for
his elders, plots to cause trouble and no doubt theft
of snack foods from the camping supply tent, the teens
wouldn’t be able to take it anymore. Michael would
probably tie him to a sign post by the interstate to
get picked up by some truckdriver going back to
Roswell. Then Maria’d make him got get him back,
leaving a big balloon of anger between her and
Michael. Thereby adding tension to an already
difficult situation for those city folks….get rid of
Nicholas now before the campers string him up by his
flaky skin.”

“I would vote off Rath (Michael’s Dupe) because that mohawk and the piercings were going to be fire hazards (his hair) and if they have to climb branches or do any kind of stunts his piercings may get caught and hurt!”

“i’d vote for Sean DeLuca

why: he’d use up all of their food by making everyone spell out their problems with each other rather than eating it.”

“Tess, she won’t be able to handle seeing Max warm Liz up by the fire.”

“As we’ve journied so far into the woods, we’ve noticed that our mustard
supply has gone extremely low. And who could it be, but Sean, who’s recent
girl troubles have forced him to drink bottle after bottle of the stuff.
Nonetheless, since mustard comes from a bean and there’s strange phaenomena
in Frazier Woods, Sean’s fart has become explosive, and he presents a danger
to the whole cast.”

“I vote that Lonnie gets kicked off from the woods…

That spikey hair of hers can cause some serious damage to the natural

“I think Sean should be voted off for spilling mustard packets all over the campsite. :)”

“I am voting for Sean DeLuca to be kicked off the camping trip because he is using up all the mustard writing his troubles out on the hamburgers.”

“Sean DeLuca. After being turned down by every female on the trip, he was found tryig
his moves on a female forest ranger.”

“Rath definitely gets my vote just for how bad his hair really looks”

“I’m voting off Sean Deluca because I know he’s gonna try to move in on Liz
when Max is out gathering wild berries or something.”

“There were the usual problems for starters. Maria wanted to kill him
for hitting on Liz and failing to follow her rules, so they got into a
few loud spats here and there. Alex got tired of being called Alice
and blew up at Sean over dinner one night. Liz just wanted Sean to
leave her alone and stop following her around everywhere and kept
telling at him to go away because it had crossed the line into creepy.

Then there was the bizarre incident where Sean got into a fight with
Rath and Lonnie over who was the laziest of the bunch. After Jim
Valenti pointed out that Sean had been virtually useless and tried to
get him to go collect wood for a fire. Sean turned around and accused
Lonnie and Rath of having done even less. Well, Lonnie and Rath don’t
take constructive criticism so well, especially from humans, so they
ended up in a huge screaming match that eventually resulted in Sean
waking up out in the woods with singed hair, a killer headache and not
exactly remembering how the whole argument ended or how he got there.

He tried to tell everybody what happened, but since he didn’t remember
much nobody took him seriously. Lonnie and Rath told everybody he
walked into a branch while collecting wood and knocked himself out.
Nobody paid much attention to Sean except Amy who reluctantly gave him
some pain killers and a lecture about staying out of trouble. He
complained incessantly about the pain and refused to do any work.

If that wasn’t enough enemies made in a couple days, Sean was foolish
enough to break into the food supply in the middle of the night and
stole a box of crackers. He nearly got away with it, but on the way
back to his tent he couldn’t resist the temptation of peeking in Liz
and Ava’s tent. Ava woke up screaming bloody murder and was soon
joined in her screaming by Liz whose idea of a face to wake up to was
not Sean’s. Sean finally jumped back and stood up rapidly,
unfortunately catching his head on the top of the tent and dislodging
one of the support poles such that when he finally extracted himself
fully, the tent collapsed on Liz and Ava. Soon the entire camp was
awake and saw Sean standing there like an idiot outside Liz and Ava’s
deflated tent with the open box of crackers in his hand.”

“Anyway, I vote for Amy DeLuca to be voted off the trip. That way
Michael and Maria can share a tent without Michael having to worry about
Amy chasing him around the campsite hitting him with camping equipment.
It would hurt alot more than a newspaper, you know.”

“it just HAS to be Rath…
LOOK AT HIS HAIR!! He looks like the cowardly lion…has a terrible accent and makes the stupidest faces I’ve ever seen…PLUS…he’s just Lonnie’s lackey…he doesn’t think for himself…*shiver*

“I want to Vote off Ava. She smacks her gum way to much”

“well i vote Lonnie off because she has been spending most of her time
flurting with Nicholas”

“I vote for Maria. She was voted off because she did
nothing but follow Michael around saying “That’s how a
relationship works.”

“Hey! I’m voting for Lonnie because, well, she just wont stop sucking face
with Rath and talking about how Alien Sex is sooooo great -PLEASE!”

I couldn’t post all the reasons sent in so I had to pick and choose. Now that you saw how the first round went, time for the next victim to be decided upon. You have until Monday afternoon to send in your second round votes and I will announce the next victim after the show Monday night (PST of course ;) )

Here’s the rules:

I’m looking for the most interesting reasons why you are voting a person out of the camping trip and I will publish the best responses (even if they aren’t for the person who received the most votes) along with the latest casuality.

To place your vote, send an email to with your vote and if you can (but it’s optional) a reason why you’re voting for that person.

The game will continue through the week of May 21, 2001.