Around The World Updates

If you have some information about the show or the lack of the show airing in your country, please send it in–I’ll be glad to keep everyone informed of what’s going on in your country :) Now, I’m off to go see “American Pie 2” for the second time–go see it if you can–it’s worth seeing.

Thanks to Sandream for this :)

helllo there, i know this news isn’t really a news but i thoug you would be glad to know that the ‘serie club’ website (wich is a cable channel here in france, the one which aired roswell first) choose as their website of the week.

Thanks to Lisa and Stephanie for sending this to me about the status of the show in Montreal,QC that they got from the nearest UPN station :) Stephanie adds in her email:

“Please everyone take a few minutes to help UPN 39. They were great enough to save our favorite show by picking it up. We should show them our gratitude by giving them a hand…”

Another UPN item:

Thanks for writing in about Buffy. We are your local UPN affiliate from
Burlington Vermont. In the fall, you will be able to enjoy Buffy and
Roswell, and many more great shows, on our station (WBVT-UPN 39).

We really need your help. We are trying to get on the cable systems up in
Montreal by this fall. We need the help of every Buffy and Roswell fan to do
it. Are you part of a Buffy Fan Club? Roswell Fan Club? Star Trek Fan Club?
Do you know others who would like to see our station on Montreal cable?

If you’re in a fan club, please email me the information for it (web address,
etc.) Please give my email address ( ) to all your friends
and have the contact me.

We need your help to get on cable up in your area. I will be sending you
information on how you can help us. This way, you won’t miss any of the
great new episodes of Buffy or Roswell or the other great shows on WBVT, UPN

John Mendez WBVT

Thanks to Priki for this :)

This is the first time I send anything, I just had to
share it with you. Here in Brazil Roswell airs on the Fox
channel, and now they have this new advertising canpain
in which they identify desirable qualities to “Being
Fox”. Ok, the important thing here is that for “I´m sexy,
I´m Fox” they have Jason Behr in “The End of the World”
doing pull-ups shirtless. I thought it was so cool I just
had to share!

Thanks to Jules for this :)

Just to let all Canadian fans know, the SPACE station has just announced
that Season 3 will premiere Friday, October 19th. No time was given, but
I guess it’s safe to assume it will still be on at 9pm.

Thanks to Melissa for this :)

Thanks to Ann for this update from Germany.

We seem to have success in convincing our television network. They told us that
they’re not going to cancel the show, the second season will be finished!!!
And they seem to be really optimitic about season three … I hope Pro7 will buy
the new season! Please keep signing the petition on !!!
We currently have over 1000 signs ( after one week)!

Thanks to Nicole for letting me know about the “English” button if you want to sign the petition for Germany

Many US-Fans have given her/his vote shortly after you´ve posted our notice. Because of this we have decided to integrate an English button to our site. If you click to it, it will open the “Signature Campain” site in English.

Thanks to Candyboy for this :)

On Wednesday night during the credits of the Roswell episode ‘Meet the
Dupes’ it said that it was the final episode of Roswell for the moment
(again) as the Goodwill Games would be on the next couple of weeks. It
stated that Roswell would be returning September. At least it isn’t as long
as the last break Roswell had.

Thanks to Melissa for this :)

Roswell is off again in Australia. Our site has changed alot since it
started but its goal is the same SAVE ROSWELL IN AUSTRALIA. At the moment
we are trying to get a roswell campaign running. I have started a poll to
see the most prefered campaign type and ive started a mailing list for
updates. Would you like to join the campaign, I belive if we all work
together we can get roswell back. A previous poll indicated that over 50%
of people want roswell on channel 10 so we will be targeting them. Some
people have called channel nine and they have reveled they probably wont
pick up season three. How you can help is up to you, you can either have a
link to our site or Ill give you the code for the poll and mailing list.
Also I’m looking for a campaign team. So any way you can help would be
greatly appreciatd.

Please sign a petition