Charity Auction Totals from eBay

Thanks to Melissa for sending this in!

The recent eBay auctions for various Roswell items has ended. I thought I’d send the totals so everyone can see how great it went since they do benefit very good causes. Each item goes towards a different charity.

Roswell Crash Down Cafe Mug signed by Shiri Appleby, Majandra Delfino , and Brendan Fehr.
Final Amount= $405.00
All donations go to America’s Second Harvest. A national hunger relief program. this charity provided food for the workers and those left temporarily homeless after the Sept. 11th attack.

Roswell Series Placard signed by Jason Behr.
Final Amount= $255.50
All proceeds go to the Children’s Oncology Group.

Roswell S3 Script Signed By Entire Cast Episode “Secrets and Lies”.
Final Amount= $1,925.50
This auction was an Auction for America that all proceeds will go to the Red Cross to benefit from the Sept. 11th attacks.

West Roswell High School 2001 Prop Yearbook
Final Amount= $210.50
All proceeds go to WYBC Public Radio in NYC. It’s antenna and transmitter were located inside the WTC and destroyed in the attack. The station is using an emergency transmitter, bu is in great need of a permanent transmitter and antenna so they can again serve the citizens of NY with commercial free public radio.

West Roswell High School Comets Mini Football
Final Amount= $20.00
All proceeds for this sale will be donated to the Pentagon Assistance Fund; to provide financial assistance to the families of Navy Personnel killed during the Sept. 11th attack on the Pentagon.

Thanks to all those that donated! I’m glad to see that there are very generous people out there willing to help out when our country is in a time of need!!