News from FOX concering Roswell DVD’s

Thanks to Kyle for this :)

Hey, thought this might be of some interest to you. I’m a member over at the Home Theater Forum, and a huge fan of Roswell. At the HTF, there are different representatives from the various movie studios producing DVD’s. Fox has a guy that frequents the boards named Peter Staddon. I posted the following question in the “Studio & Manufacturer Feedback” section, under the topic “Fox concerning Roswell”. Here’s a link to the thread.

I asked :>
It doesn’t appear that Roswell will hit the coveted 100 episode mark to be put into syndication (is that a rule, or just what generally happens?). The end to season 3 is nearing, and I doubt the fans will be able to use any of their “powers” this time. As anyone who has kept up with this show can tell you, it has a loyal fan following. From hundreds of thousands of tobasco sauce bottles being sent to the studio offices, to tons of petitions/fanfic/emails/parties etc… ( there is an enormous ammount of material that could make for some very interesting special features.

Fox is doing an outstanding job with their current TV product on DVD, and I’m only hoping that this show would get the same treatment. I would hope that we would be able to get a season one box set out by years end. Is there any news regarding this series that we fans can be fed?

And Peter Staddon responded:

There are issues with the clearances of some of the material in Roswell that make it difficult to release a complete season on DVD.
Until those issues are resolved we will not be working on the title, so I don’t have any good news concerning a launch by the years end!

Thanks for your interest,

Peter Staddon

So it doesn’t look like Roswell will find its way to DVD this year. I have since posted and asked if Peter could elaborate on what the clearance issues are, and await a response.

One thing that might be good, would be for many people to register as members at the HTF, and post a reply inside that message thread indicating their desire for Roswell on DVD.