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Seventeen Mag Information And Vote In Teen Choice Award

Thanks to Katie for this. You may be able to vote at but I can’t seem to find a link for the TCA yet.

i just recieved this months issue of seventeen magazine and thought i would let you know that shiri appleby is featured in the 17 stars of summer (Page 97)
also the teen choice awards ballet is in and Orange County is nominated for best comedy and Nick Wechsler is nominated for best side-kick for Roswell

Thanks to peace_gal for this :)

Hello everyone! I was just reading the newest issue of
Seventeen with Sarah Michelle Gellar on the cover. On
page 96 & 97, there’s a section called 17 stars of
summer. On the second page there’s a small picture of
Shiri. She’s under a category called the girl next
door. Here’s what it says:

Shiri Appleby
credits: Shiri made a name for herself on the canceled
(boohoo!)Roswell. next: IN Swimfan she stars as the
sweet girlfriend of a high school swim star (Jesse
Bradford) who is tortured by her boyfriend’s jealous
stalker. Hey, maybe Shiri was safer hanging out with

That got me thinking. Since they said the boohoo!
maybe they are as sad as we are. Maybe if they get
enough emails and letters, they might do a section
about Roswell. Or they could make a section about
favorite shows that got cancelled. Just an idea.

There’s the
ballot in Seventeen for the Teen Choice Awards 2002.
Under the Sidekick category, Nick is nominatted. He
has some tough competiton. People from Gilmore Girls,
Buffy, Smallville, Malcolm in the Middle, Dawsons
Creek, and That 70’s Show are all nominees. Come on
people! We must let Roswell win this award!