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Special Message from Kevin Kelly Brown


I have been wanting to say something to you since the news of our beloved show’s cancellation, but, honestly, I was too upset and too angry and I just didn’t know what to say. But I attended the L.A. Fan Gathering last night (Tues., May 7th) and in talking to them I think I’ve discovered what I would like to say to all of you.

In truth, I have been caught off guard at the depth of my emotions over “Roswell’s” cancellation. It has
really been bittersweet. As most of you know by now, this project started when I used my own money – money I did not have at the time – to win a bidding war over two studios and three production companies and acquire the rights to Melinda Metz’s books. That decision – to, in essence, bet on myself after having struggled for so many years and nearly given up on more than one occasion – ultimately led to a show that touched your lives and changed mine forever. Along with Jonathan Frakes and Lisa Olin, whom I brought into the project, we are the only ones who have been there from the beginning.

I am of course upset because I loved the show, I loved the cast, and no matter what I do for the rest of my career, “Roswell” will always be my first series. But I am also angry – no, not at The WB or UPN. Indeed, I am grateful to both for without The WB there may never have been a “Roswell” and without UPN there would not have been a Season Three. We owe them big time. No, I am angry because “Roswell” had such great potential; there was nothing preventing it from being the next “X-Files,” “Buffy,” “Star Trek” or, yes, even “Smallville.” Even the most jaded folks in our business saw that pilot
– still considered one of the best pilots ever made – and said, “This one is special; this one can go all the

But we didn’t. And what makes me angry is that I don’t know why. Yes, of course, I recognize that going three seasons is an extraordinary accomplishment; that very few series make it that far. And, of course, I love the shows that we did and take great pride in that accomplishment. But we did not fulfill our potential even though it was totally within our control to do so.

Which makes your love of the show all the more unique and special to me. The fact that we faltered, that we didn’t complete the journey we started together, but that you still cared and were inspired by the work we did, that you were inspired to raise all this money for charity and thus change countless lives – well, it overwhelms me.

So, honestly, all I can say is, “Thank you.” There’s an expression they use in the White House: “You serve at the pleasure of the President.” Well, I believe I serve only at the pleasure of the fans – you who
actually take the time out of your busy lives to sit down and watch this TV show. And it has been an honor and a privilege to serve you. It has humbled me, it has inspired me, and it has changed me forever.

Kevin Kelly Brown