LeadingShiri Appleby

New project for Shiri: “What Love Is”

Shiri Appleby plays a role in the romantic comedy “What Love Is”, written & directed by Mars Callahan. The cast of this movie is very well chosen, so you can find the Academy Award Winner Cuba Gooding Jr. on top of this list and actors like Anne Heche, Sean Astin, Matthew Lillard, Gina Gershon, Jud Tylor and T.C. Carson, too.

According to an article on filmfocus.co.uk, Val Kilmer is producing this movie and Colin Farrell will appear as a character “who’s very cynical about women.” in it, too. (filmfocus.co.uk) Some sources say, that Robert Downey Jr. is going to be a part of this film as well.

The official film synopsis can be found on the website of bigskymotionspictures.com:

“What Love Is”, is a sincere, insightful and unapologetically frank romantic comedy about a man who finds out, during the course of one very important night in his life, what love truly is.The story opens on Tom Riley as he nervously has one drink at his neighborhood bar in order to steady himself before he heads home to ask his long-time girlfriend, Sara, if she will marry him. It’s Valentine’s Day and he’s got the ring, he’s got the flowers and now that he has his one drink, he’s got the courage. He tells his group of best friends at the bar to meet him at his house for a surprise celebration in half an hour then he grabs a bottle of champagne and heads home.

Shiri will play a character named Debbie.