LeadingWilliam Sadler

Unspoken with William is available on DVD

In 2005, William Sadler played a role in the Marc Clebanoff independent movie “Unspoken”. The film is about five characters locked in a room together, prepare for their untimely end by revealing the darker truth of their relationships.

William plays the role of an alcoholic father stranded with the three main characters. Tailslate.net lauded:

Sadler is remarkable in this role that takes him away from his normal character-actor position. While Sadler definitely sets the pace of the acting in the film, he also shows the difference between his own considerable experience and that of the other actors. However, Allen really steps up and does some high-quality work in his discourse with Sadler.

The movie is now available on DVD at Amazon.com and it can be downloaded for $7.99 at EZTakes.com.