Colin HanksLeading about celebrity fathers working with their sons

On the Swiss website, a critical article about celebrity fathers working with their sons has been published, today. The headline says “Mit dem Vater vor der Linse: PR-Gag oder eigener Wille?” which means “In front of the camera with the father: a public relations gag or own choice?”

Well, it’s interesting that they put a grown up 29 year old acter on a par with kids in the year of eight.

The text can be found here.

But it’s nice to know, that “The Great Buck Howard” is going to celebrate its theatrical release in Europe, too.

The author writes in this article, that three family movie productions are going to hit the Swiss cinemas in 2007. Will Smith and his 8 year old sun Jaden can be seen in “The pursuit of Happyness” and The german actor Uwe Ochsenknecht worked with his two sons on a sequel of “Die wilden Kerle”. In addition, they mention that “The Great Buck Howard” with Tom Hanks and his 29 year old son Colin.

They ask the reader, if fathers like Will Smith and Tom Hanks persuade their children? Or is it all about public public relations?

A psychotherapist explains, that this happens in other businesses, too. But often, there are children who really want to be in front of the camera even if there can be self-worth problems.