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Shocking “Dexter” finale

On December 13, 2009 the “Dexter” season finale aired and like EW’s Hollywood Insider Dan Snierson – Two days later, we’re still shaking. – most of the fans surely feel.

Julie Benz tweeted that day:

tonight’s the night. #Dexter season finale.. most anticipated episode of the year..let’s make it the most watched..it is the most shocking!
5:29 PM Dec 13th from web

… and she didn’t break her promise.

If you didn’t watch the season 4 finale, please beware of Spoilers!

Michael C. Hall spoke with EW about the finale and of cause the death of Julie Benz’s character Rita was topic.

He tells that it was tough to film the bathroom scene in which Dexter discovers Rita in the tub.

But Julie in that tub was just heartbreaking — and the baby on the floor. It was very somber. And also very secretive. Some of the people on set had just gotten pages. So I think everyone was quietly in a private way processing what we were shooting, what this meant for the show, what this meant for Julie.

EW: Executive producer Clyde Phillips said that Julie was “greatly disappointed” to learn the fate of her character. Did you and Julie talk about that?

MH: We talked about her sadness at leaving, but when it came to the scenes, we knew we had a story to tell and we also didn’t want to do anything to telegraph it — not that you possibly could. I think it was beyond Dexter’s imagination that such a thing could happen. The last scene we shot together was the scene where Dexter tells Rita that he wants to believe that he can be his own master and be a master of his compulsion, so it felt like an appropriate way to say goodbye to that relationship…. [Julie] was really sacrificing her job for the story telling vitality of the show. I must say, my first reaction [to the big twist] was about Julie: “What is our family going to be like without her?” From a story telling standpoint it was a really bold idea, but as far as losing her as a member of ensemble, it was a blow for all of us.

Read the full interview here:
Dexter’ exclusive: Michael C. Hall talks about season 4’s killer finale

Of course the press talked to Julie Benz, too. In an interview with the NY Post the actress expains, that people are shocked that she’s actually still alive.

I get a lot of people whispering, gasping, pointing. But everyone wants to talk about it: why it happened, their reaction to it. The biggest surprise has been that people feel like they’ve lost a real person.

Make sure to read the Q&A here: Julie Benz: My parents ask, ‘Why do you keep getting killed?’

On Twitter Julie thanked for all the “Rita” love. She wrote:

i am deeply moved by the all the “Rita” love! Comforting to know others feel the same way about her as I do. thank you for 4 amazing years!
3:48 AM Dec 15th from web

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