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Back Stage: ‘Unexpected’ Stardom – Shiri talks “Roswell”

Back Stage interviewed Shiri Appleby. Shiri talked about the pilot testing process and auditioning and when it’s right to really fight for a role. They asked the actress about “Roswell” and of cause “Life Unexpected”.


Back Stage: You’ve been acting for a long time. Where were you in your career when you got “Roswell”?

Appleby: I had dropped out of school because I was paying for college myself and it was quite a bit of money. I got a pilot that got picked up, and I got fired. All I wanted to do was work, and I got fired. They hired a blond girl who was much more womanly looking than I was, especially at 19. So I went back to school, but when I went back to school, I was really dead-set, with a clear focus that I had to get a show. During that sophomore year Christmas break, I shot the pilot for “Roswell.” I finished sophomore year, and three days later, we found out the show got picked up.

Back Stage: What was that audition process like?

Appleby: The casting director refused to see me. Didn’t think I was talented. She pre-read me, but only as a favor to my agent, so she didn’t pay any attention. I got terrible feedback. And then, I’ve never done this before, but a friend of mine knew the director, David Nutter, and he gave David Nutter my picture and résumé. David Nutter brought me in. A few weeks later, they called back and said they wanted to see me again. I auditioned four times for other roles until they let me audition for Liz. I think I ended up auditioning seven or eight times before I screen-tested. It was a long road. […]

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  • Hello! We loved Shiri Appleby from Roswell and we love her again in Unexpected too! It’s so refreshingly different! Can’t wait for the next episode.

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