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William Sadler’s Open Mic “Folk” Session

On April 17, 2010 William Sadler released a new folk song entitled “Still in Love With You” in the ‘Open Mic’ section of Folkalley.com. Last week he announced this addition on The Bill Board. He wrote:

Topic: If Music Be The Food of Love……

That’s the famous first line from “Twelfth Night”. “If music be the food of love, play on! Give me excess of it!” I was once in a production where the actor who said that line and started our play, came out posing and gesturing very grandly, then in a clear loud voice said, “If food………” Nothing else came out. The rest of us just waited for him finish stumbling around before we jumped in. Ah… memories.

This has nothing to do with why I’m posting. I wanted to let ya’ll know I just put a cool new song up on Folk Alley. It’s called “Still in Love With You” and it went up on April 17th.


I think that’s the link to their open mic section. I wanted to write a Nat King Cole style standard. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

Please visit William’s official board and give him feedback! On Folkalley.com William explained “I wanted to write a Nat King Cole style love song. I’ve always loved that genre, great clean melodies, beautiful simple words.” He adds “Completely “singable”. This is one my attempts at a song in that style.”

In the discussion “Topic: If Music Be The Food of Love……” on his board, William reveals that his ‘piano man’ is Todd Schroeder. “Performer, composer, and all around extraordinary guy.”

You can already find 16 songs on his profile page which is located here: http://openmic.folkalley.com/WilliamSadler.