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“13 Eerie” Producer talks about the Movie Location

Brendan Fehr is currently in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan filming a zombie movie called “13 Eerie”. The producer Kevin Dewalt explains to mytimes Times-Herald why his former home city was the perfect spooky location to make a zombie movie.

“We needed a location that looked abandoned and here everything was overgrown so it really looks like nobody has been here for 20 years so it was just perfect,” he told the Times-Herald.

[…] Dewalt, who went to Queen Elizabeth Elementary School before moving to Regina when he was 11, said people from Moose Jaw watching the film may recognize some areas but will be surprised by how different special effects and sets can change a location.

For example, the opening scene of the movie will show the students arriving on a vast river but it was actually filmed on the rather slow moving Moose Jaw Creek.

Read the full article here: Careful out there… zombies are roaming Moose Jaw’s old animal park

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