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“Forsaken” Airs As Part of FEARnet’s “Luv Sucks” Marathon

“Forsaken” with Kerr Smith and Brendan Fehr is airing as part of FEARnet’s “Luv Sucks” marathon.

Check out the TV Schedule here:

The Forsaken (2001)
Friday, February 8 | 2:00 AM
Friday, February 8 | 4:00 PM
Saturday, February 16 | 6:00 AM
Saturday, February 16 | 6:00 PM
Sunday, February 17 | 2:00 AM

What’s cool about this vampire movie is that the vampires don’t have sharp fangs they neatly insert into the necks of their victims. For these guys, meal time is a messy, all-out gore fest. It also stars Kerr Smith (“Dawson’s Creek”) and Izabella Miko.

The full press release is available here.

Watch the first five minutes from the movie in FEARnet’s “First Five” section or check out the trailer. The “Forsaken” movie page on FEARnet can be found here.

You can’t see Brendan Fehr in the movie’s first five minutes, but you’ll see another familiar face. Sara Downing from Roswell’s second season makes an appearance. She played Courtney on the show.