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William Sadler Talks Iron Man 3, The Onion News Empire and Roswell

Jill Knapp from Huffingtonpost.com did a great interview with William Sadler. They spoke about Iron Man 3, his pilot “The Onion News Empire” and “Roswell”.

It’s a must-read!

Read here a Roswell related snippet:

[…] Any Roswell fan knows the show ended abruptly. Being a huge Roswell fan myself, I had to slip in the inevitable question. Would he be up for doing a Roswell movie?

“Yes.” He answered quickly. “Did I say that too fast? Yes.”

“…I would love to… I had a lot of fun playing Sheriff Valenti. Jim Valenti. I had never done a TV show that lasted for three years before that, that length of time, and I enjoyed getting the script every week and seeing like the next chapter in the character’s life. Sort of like reading a novel about your character…”
“… the whole first season I’m chasing the aliens…I’m their biggest problem. Then they save my son, then I spend the whole second season trying to save them. It ends up costing me my job. Then… I felt they developed Sheriff Valenti really nicely. You know, he had a girlfriend…”

Please make sure to read the full article about his latest projects. The article also includes another Roswell question about Jim and Maria’s mom: Iron Man 3’s William Sadler Talks About His New Film, The Onion News Empire and Roswell