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Roswell Movie – Any Interest?

Roswellians‬! Please check out Shiri Appleby’s latest tweet. She wrote “Any interest?” and shared the link to the “Roswell Movie” campaign website Roswellfans.net with her followers.

Shiri, a “Roswell Movie” is always on our mind…

Before there was a sparkling vampire in love with a human girl, an amazing alien love story touched our hearts…

Even years after the end of “Roswell” the show still has a loyal fanbase and the fans are craving for more because there’s just so much more to tell. The Roswell Movie petition has 4120 Total Signatures and more and more fans are showing their support. In addition, new fans are discovering the show via Netflix or Hulu.

The “11-day-Roswell-Celebration” in May was just the beginning of a bunch of upcoming great “Roswell” online fun events. The “3rd Roswell Twitter Challenge” is on the way, a “Roswell Re-Watch”, and we are thinking about some great campaigns in order to draw attention to the show and gain new fans.

Make sure to join us and continue to show your interest in a “Roswell Movie”!

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