15 Years Of Roswell – What Fans Say – Deborah


“I fell in love with the characters on Roswell. Their frailties, hopes, and continuous struggle to survive endeared them to me, and I felt as though they could be my friends. Michael, the tortured loner – everyone can identify with feelings of “not belonging” at one time or another.

Max, the reluctant king – how many of us have had to screw up our courage and press onward? Maria, the eccentric comedic sidekick; Liz, always thinking of others before herself; Isabel, who only wanted a family to love – all of us have experienced these emotions and have played these “characters” in our life. I desperately wanted these characters to survive and go on to greater things, because I could identify with each one of them, and they seemed like a part of me.

I often wonder what happened to my friends, and hope that they had a wonderful, fulfilling life.”

Why is “Roswell” so special to you: even after 15 years? Submit your message now!

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