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#AskEmilie – Transcript March 15th, 2015

Yesterday, Emilie de Ravin did a Twitter Q&A. Read a transcript here:

# 01
Nina: Whats your number one tip to someone who’s trying to stay positive?
Emilie: Keep believing in yourself.

# 02
Parrilla: Are you excited to see your french fans again this year? I can’t wait Emilie #MagicIsComing
Emilie: Oui! Can't wait!!

# 03
Jime: your favorite season?
Emilie: 2!

# 04
Scottlicious: chocolate or pizza???
Emilie: Chocolate pizza?

# 05
Luana: What is the scariest part of an audition?
Emilie: “Audition” is a scary word in itself

# 06
Jenn: what the world need to learn about the animals? #askemilie @benzopaulson
Emilie: Many things! Above all – respect

# 07
Raphael: do you like Harry Potter? If yes, whats your house?
Emilie: Yes! #Gryffindor

# 08
Beta: what was your childhood nickname?
Emilie: Never had one. Tried to give myself one once – didn’t catch on.

# 09
rAchel: what’s your favourite dress belle has worn?
Emilie: The classic yellow first dance dress

# 10
milena: what quality you think essential for a person?
Emilie: Compassion

# 11
dinah: what makes you happy?
Emilie: Nature

# 12
Di Mileto: which your fav moment of rumbelle? I love you so so so much btw
Emilie: Our first dance

# 13
Caroline: if u could have something from regina’s personality what would it be?
Emilie: Fireballs!

# 14
Luisa: what do you think about coming to brazil someday? eu te amo
Emilie: I’d love to come visit!

# 15
Morg: What did u think about @EmWatson being cast for the Beauty and the Beast movie?
Emilie: Great choice. She’s a sweetheart and perfect for it!

# 16
Fabricio: can u describe @colinodonoghue1 using a few words?
Emilie: Really great guy. Love him in this episode esp.

# 17
MACACA ALBINA: Which is the best place in the world for you?
Emilie: Melbourne (Oz)

# 18
barb: what is the best part of your fans?
Emilie: Your support and passion are amazing!

# 19
Makayla: who was your childhood inspiration?
Emilie: My mum- and still is!

# 20
Benafsha: How long does it take to do your hair/makeup?
Emilie: About an hour and a half for all the girls on the show

# 21
Jen: do you have a favorite Tarantino movie?
Emilie: Pulp Fiction

# 22
gabrielle: Describe working with @robertcarlyle_
Emilie: Inspiring, awesome guy