Baron And Toluca

B+T Fanart Contest – Test Run Rocked!

During our #NETFLIXforBandT Tweet-A-Thon last week on July 30th, we saw some amazing “Baron And Toluca” graphics created by fans. “Everyone’s getting so creative! :) Such a nice fan base already :) full of nice people :) I love it :) #NetflixforBandT @netflix” wrote Twitter user X-Phile and Mireya suggested on that day: “We should see if we can start a fan art Friday for the campaign.” No sooner said than done, we came up with an announcement for a creative entrance into the weekend and some promotion for the Twitter Mission Saturday: FanArtFriday – Show Us Your B+T Fanart. (Thanks to Mireya for her help!)

Yesterday on Saturday August 6th, we did a little test run and since all the shown graphics were incredible. It’s just too hard to choose just one… so I gave my vote with a “like” to all four.

The colorful artwork by Instagram User Healerfan received the most clicks on the “heart” button, so please give her some feedback on her beautiful work. Congratulations!

Please post your submission every Friday with the hashtag #FanArtFriday and spread the word about “Baron And Toluca”. (Check this article for all the details.)

The feedback for all four graphics just rocked, too. See some tweets below!

Even after this little contest you can share the B+T love on Twitter and retweet: B+T Fanart Contest – Please RT And Vote With A Like

Some Feedback On The 4 Graphics

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