The Morning After – Roswell Real-Time Re-Watch (Oct. 13th at 5 PM)

Thanks so much to everyone for joining us last week, when we traveled back to the airing of the Roswell Pilot episode!

Sarah and I had so much fun to tweet and chat with all of you and the time was truely rewind back to 1999.

Tonight, we are going to watch the second episode of Roswell’s first season: The Morning After. Watch the episode today whenever you’ve got time to or join us at 5 PM EDT.

We are going to live tweet via @theGranilith and @Crashdowncom. Please make sure to tag all your tweets with #WhoIsCzechoslovakian. Yes, you probably better copy and paste this. We are going to do that, too.

Watching the pilot on the show’s 15th Anniversary in a room full of Roswellians was something very special and enjoying Roswell’s very first episode with a group of fans online during a Twitter session brings a new dynamic, as well. We also learned some new things and behind the scenes trivia. More on that at a later date.

Before we started watching, we asked Colin Hanks if there’s anything he would like to share with us and he did. “I fractured my wrist snowboarding a week before we filmed the pilot. Dr’s wanted me to wear a cast but I refused and kept it a secret.” Kudos to you Colin! Thanks so much for sharing.

We also must acknowledge, Ric’s spontanious rhymes, which we love and appreciate since our Baron And Toluca tweet-a-thons and his Roswell poetry definitely rocks a lot, too. He replied to Colin: “Crafty and essential, a very brave thing to do, but you should have told Max, he could have healed you!👽😃 #Alexthebrave”

By the way, you can see Colin on CBS’ new season of “Life In Pieces” very soon. The show premieres Thursday, November 2nd at 9:30/8:30c. Don’t miss and make sure to catch up before the new season starts.

Roswell, The Morning After

Starting time: October 13th, 5 PM, EST (Tweets via @theGranilith)
(Click here and find out the time for your time zone)

Use the hashtag #WhoIsCzechoslovakian for all your tweets!

In case you wonder, we are watching all the episodes on their original airing date. Since it’s Fall, new shows premiere and others return with brand-new episodes, we won’t stick to the time slot of Roswell’s original first run. With this little change even more fans world-wide are able to join in.

Season 1 – Re-watch Schedule

The Pilot – First aired: October 6, 1999 – Search for #Silverhandprint and read our tweets.
The Morning After – First aired: October 13, 1999
Monsters – First aired: October 20, 1999
Leaving Normal – First aired: October 27, 1999
Missing – First aired: November 3, 1999
285 South – First aired: November 10, 1999
River Dog – First aired: November 17, 1999
Blood Brother – First aired: November 24, 1999
Heat Wave – First aired: December 1, 1999
The Balance – First aired: December 15, 1999

Please let us know if you’d like to contribute anything. In addition, please make sure to help us put some exclusive content together for the 20th Roswell Anniversary, too! Contact us via social media or mail to and make this Anniversary in 2019 super-special.

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