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When the “Roswell, NM” pilot was in production, the cast and crew shared photos from the set and behind the scenes. In a few month, the cast and crew will go back to Santa Fe, New Mexico and we hope to see some more great clips and photos from the set. Filming is expected to start in August.

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Carina Adly MacKenzie – Showrunner/Writer

Julie Plec – Pilot Director

Writing Room| Instagram

Jeanine Mason – Liz Ortecho

Amber Midthunder – Rosa Ortecho

Nathan Parsons – Max

Heather Hemmens – Maria

Michael Vlamis – Michael

Lily Cowles – Isobel

Michael Trevino – Kyle Valenti

Tyler Blackburn – Alex Manes

Trevor St. John – Jesse Manes

Tsailii Rogers – Helena

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