Throwback – Brendan’s Blonde Bombshell Days

Brendan shared two fun throwback photos on social media. He explained that his sister just send him a bunch of old pics and they are sweet and hilarious!

The first photo is a throwback to his sailing days. Teenie Brendan is on the rudder with a huge smile on his face, wearing some big glases and yellow weatherproof clothes. Brendan revealed that his sister just texted him: ‘Did your cheeks need to see?’. He added not one but four ‘Rolling on the floor laughing’ emoji’s to his tweet.

Brendan Fehr shared a throwback to his 17 or 18 year old self on Instagram and Twitter as well. He captured the photo with him sitting on the back of a truck, having spiked hair along with a blond hair vibe. He’s wearing jeans and a soft velour stripe shirt.

He captured the photo “Back in my #blondebombshell days. 😂 #velouranyone? #fbf” Brendan’s former “Night Shift” co-star Jill Flint commented on his picture with a cute “Daaawwww, Baby Brendan.”

“Looks like Maria”, wrote Majandra Delfino in the comments and Brendan replied to her asking “it’s the lips, isn’t it? 👄” We definitly see ‘The Guerin’ in the making. Brendan also answered a request from Katie, who asked if ‘we can have this hair for one B+T episode?’ with an “absolutely”.

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Thanks for sharing these moments with us Brendan!