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B+T “Roswell” Updates – Pre-Order Limited Merch

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Majandra Delfino and Brendan Fehr are going to have some exciting and full packed days ahead of them in Roswell, New Mexico. They are officially attending the UFO Festival and have a packed schedule with private fan meet ups and group events.

Reserve Your Spot

A few spots for the B+T private mini events are still open so please don’t hesitate to contact, if you want to spend some quality time with your favorite actors. Please check out Brendan’s latest Instagram Live at the 9:36 minute mark and send an E-mail to reserve.

Please remember: All proceeds go to the filming of Baron and Toluca and Majandra and Brendan want to give us the most kick ass show they can possibly give us. In addition, it’s a once in a lifetime experience.

Brendan continued to give some updates in the Live that can be found on his official Instagram page.

Exclusive Limited Merch

As previously announced, there will be exclusive merchandise, which you can pre-order, if you can’t make it to Roswell. While fans got a sneak peek at an autographed card for the festival, which is eye-candy for sure plus a never before seen promotional photo, fans have to be patient and wait for the reveal of the other exclusive swag.

The new mugs are secret as well and won’t be sent out until after the events in Roswell. Brendan decided to reveal one tiny little detail: They are 12 ounces. All the fans who are attending are going to be the first people who will see them and get the opportunity to buy. According to Brendan, the hats are “super cool” and there will also be a limited edition of t-shirts with a screen print.

Secret Designs & Pre-Order

Attending fans are asked to not share the designs, so they will stay off the internet and everyone can see them at the same time. Pre-order and reserve your prefered limited B+T merchandise items via so that Brendan can set your preferred items aside.

Announcement Coming Soon

Brendan mentions another announcement which they are going to do together at a later date.
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