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Last month, members were in Austin! I am super happy for my friends, that they were able to experience the ATX Television Festival at its fullest.

B+T might have been THE highlight for many Roswellians that came to Austin, but the excellent programming the ATX Television Festival team put together, meeting fellow fans and new people who quickly became friends was almost put on a par with the premiere.

The wonderful Tina and Nomi were lucky to be on location and you might have seen photos and clips of their time at the festival on social media already, but we want to know it all and they are sharing some of their adventures with us!

As a Roswell fan from the start, Tina helps as a Copy Editor to revise news and comprehensive articles in order to improve readability and eliminate mistakes. Nomi from the Roswell Back Team, joined forces with back in 2015/2016 when we ran several digital Roswell campaigns together before we coordinated the first fan campaigns to get “Baron And Toluca” on our screens. Our mutual friend Tina campaigned with us all along the way… psst… and both worked hard on set of the pilot and supported a smooth production.

Holders of the Camp Badge have the opportunity to put their top choices in a lottery system via ATX. From the lottery system holders can receive fast passes at random to their choices. Camp Badge holder Nomi was lucky and received a Fast Pass to view the screening of the Baron + Toluca episode as did a couple of other dans. She was able to sit in the front row with her closest friends from the ‘Dandom’ who were among the many first in line of the Fast Pass Holders.

How was the experience to view something so dear to our hearts with a group of friends in a super classy, beautiful theater with other fans and did they run into familiar faces? What was the best part of their ATX Experience?

Please find out more from Tina and Nomi in our Q&A below.

The second public screening and the international world premiere of the B+T pilot is going to happen in Paris, France. Majandra and Brendan will also be in Paris to attend the screening and are ready to sweeten any Dan’s day with special perks and meet and greets! You and your friends can join them  on September 8-11 for a multi-day experience on all things B+T. Read our articles about the event here on Crashdown and be sure to start following @DansInParis and check out the website www.dansinparis.comfor news, updates and more information.



Q&A The best part of being a fan are the close friendships. Nomi, I heard that two of your friends were holding your hand during the screening? How nervous were you on a scale from 1 to 10 about finally seeing the pilot?

Nomi: I don’t know if I was nervous really. I think I was more excited if anything. As I watched the pilot my two friends Michelle held my hand and Hailey held the other, the entire time. Michelle would squeeze my hand when we remembered something from working on set, and Hailey being my fellow Candy obsessor, would squeeze mine when there was a burst of chemistry exuded by Majandra and Brendan on screen. It was amazing but I think the most amazing part was seeing it with all my friends, who have become like family, together in one place watching something we worked so hard for as fellow dans. You can’t replicate that. Did it meet your expectations?

Tina: It was beyond my expectations!! I knew it was going to be great and I knew that great care was taken in everything that went into making the pilot and you could just see that while you were watching it. I was mesmerized from the beginning.

Nomi: It exceeded them! Brendan and Majandra’s performance were crazy good. As always Majandra had brilliant comedic timing, and Brendan exudes an intensity that really draws you to the scene, and I think they really bounce off of each other very well. It’s not Michael and Maria from Roswell anymore. It’s more than that- beyond that, and just a testament to their talent. Not to mention the crew and entire cast were spellbinding. Art who plays Miles Sorrenti is someone to watch out for. Skeeta, who plays ‘Padre’, the priest has an amazing presence of mystery and suspicion. I want to know more of Micah Fowler’s character as well. The experience was amazing because it left me wanting more! Can you describe the feeling to see the [almost] final product on a screen, that you both campaigned for and you’ve seen parts of the process and were behind the scenes when it was filmed?

Nomi: Lena, you of all people, know how we have wanted B+T since day one, but I didn’t know down the road I would be working on the set of a fan-funded pilot, let alone having a little cameo on it, and working with friends that have become family thanks to this “dandom”. I know! It even was magical to watch via the virtual pass after all the campaigning and work. Too bad traveling overseas was complicated at the time…

Nomi: I really wish you could have come. I know so many dans outside the U.S would if they could. Even the MC knew that it was literally a fandom of many persons (aka Dandom) that made this dream come true. She talked about the fandom background a bit before she introduced the cast and it was very apparent she understood the lengths we all took as Dans to support Majandra and Brendan’s vision come to life.

Majandra and Brendan even talked about the Indiegogo campaign and really headlined the fact that this pilot was created thanks to all the dan ‘worldwide’ and how the pilot became fully funded long before the goal date because of this universal dan power.

Going back to your question, since I got to work on all two weeks of production in New Mexico I knew what happened ‘behind the scenes’. It was a lot of blood, sweat and tears- happy happy tears. Seeing Brendan and Majandra in their craft was a magical aspect I will never forget. But then seeing it all unfold on screen it all connected perfectly. I totally knew where a scene took place, or which dan made those props. It was crazy!

Tina: I was unfortunately not able to view the original screening as I did not arrive in Austin until Friday evening but I did see the pilot virtually that same night on my computer. Although it would have been much different seeing it on the big screen with my friends, it was so exciting to see something you were actually a part of, something we were all a part of. I was so excited to see scenes that I was able to watch being filmed and I was thinking to myself: I was standing right over there or I remember that part and things like that. I have never experienced anything like this and it was just so exciting. Can you find words to recap your feelings when your name popped up in the credits?

Tina: I couldn’t believe it, there really are no words to describe the feeling of great pride that I have just knowing I had a teeny, tiny part in the show.

Nomi: You don’t see an uncommon name like mine, at least in America, in film credits. That’s when the tears started flowing. I had a lot of pride in that moment. Are you allowed to share what your jobs were during the production?

Nomi: We the dans helped anywhere we could as production assistants, and I was a Co-Producer from the Indiegogo perk, I had a small stand in role at the convention scene (I was the chick in leather dressed as Buffy the Vampire slayer) but I also had the role of Production Office Coordinator Assistant and worked mostly in this role.

Tina: I think so. I was an assistant in the Wardrobe Department. For the most part, I just held everyone’s jackets and/or hats waiting for the next scene to be shot. I also helped the Head Wardrobe person with getting the clothes ready for upcoming scenes that were going to be shot later that day or the next day. There is really so much that goes into the wardrobe. Fans learned early that Snooki has a role in the pilot. Were you able to meet her on set?

Tina: I was not on set when Snooki was there unfortunately, so I did not meet her.

Nomi: No I didn’t get to meet her, but I was able to meet all the other actors, and some of my friends and I even picked them up or dropped them off the airport. We were just happy to help in anyway. When B+T was announced the easter egg in the name Miles Sorrenti made fans see Nick Wechsler’s face in this role immediately. Majandra teased her plans for the casting in Q&A’s before, and when I saw the B+T pilot I loved Arthur Martinez’s performance as Sheriff at once. Everyone was so amazing.

Which actor or creative person from the pilot should fans start following on social media right now, because you were blown away by their performances?

Tina: Oh my goodness, Art is awesome!!!! The entire cast was great and everyone should be following all of them!!

Nomi: We know and love Arthur Martinez as Art. He is sooo talented! Did you know he is a musician as well? He produced Majandra’s music albums. I talked to him a little on set, but then more so after the premiere, and I told him I have my eye on Miles. He was joking around like “please don’t hate me,” because I could sense that he caused some tension between Jake and Toluca. He’s truly a sweetheart. You can follow him here: @turosity

Skeeta Jenkins who plays the priest Padre has a mysterious role, but he was blown away by all the dan involvement in the show. He’s totally a dan himself and he gave a lot of compassion and kindness to all the dans. He also has a stunning portfolio an you can follow him here: @officialskeetajenkins

Micah Fowler has a very interesting role, and it’s actually his role that makes me want to know more about the show, because his character really got to Toluca. I had the pleasure of meeting him and his mom and both are the epitome of graciousness and kindness. I won’t give more away if you haven’t seen the pilot, but I will say- an actress from Roswell is extremely sweet to her fans and she said she holds Roswell near and dear in her heart. Seeing her back on screen with Brendan and Majandra just solidified it all for me as a diehard Candy and Roswellian. Is there something fans with the Virtual Pass for the festival didn’t see of the panel that happened before or afterwards that is exciting to learn?

Nomi: The full panel was actually filmed and available for those with Virtual Passes so fans who had that Virtual Pass didn’t miss a beat! Tina you took a detour in order to come to Austin. Was it worth it and does Nick [Wechsler] still give the best hugs?

Tina: Totally worth it!! Even though I missed the original showing, I was happy that I got to experience other parts of the Festival!! I was happy to see my friends again and hug and cry and just be a part of this wonderful experience. And YES…Nick is the best hugger!! He is so friendly and kind and it was a complete thrill to meet him. There are easter eggs and references hidden some are pretty obvious and some are unapparent. We won’t spoil anything for the fans, who are still impatiently waiting to watch it… maybe you are able to tease your favorite one without giving away too much?

Tina: There is a scene at the high school that will probably make some fans of “Meet the Dupes” very happy, I know I was!!

Nomi: There is a certain Hotel Scene that will give you some “285 South” feels. Have you met or talked to any attendees that weren’t aware of the “Baron And Toluca” campaign and have you heard their thoughts about it?

Nomi: I went to the opening event of the ATX festival which was one day prior to the B+T premiere, and of course my fellow dans and I would turn and talk to attendees about t B+T. One gentleman who I didn’t recognize said he came for fun because he loves watching shows, and when we talked he said he did see the trailer for B+T and thought it looked so good! The next day I saw him and a couple of friends in line to see the B+T pilot. There were many attendees who came to see the pilot that was not aware of the campaign, but after the panel, I’m sure they now know since it was brought up a lot at the Q&A. Did you run into familiar faces during the festival’s run?

Nomi: Yes I got to run into Nick Wechsler, who is so sweet. I hope all have been checking out his amazing role as Blue Hawk in The Boys! He’s great in it. He really took the time to hug and talk to his fans. He just comes off so appreciative and blown away by all the fan love. Truly kind.

Tina: Besides my B+T Family, I saw Zach Braff from Scrubs getting into an elevator at the Hotel, that was a huge thrill for me as well!! How many fans with B+T merch did you see by chance outside of the festival?

Nomi: There definitely were many at the premiere wearing their shirts or headbands. Very strong Dan energy at the premiere, that’s for sure.

Tina: I saw a few people walking around with B+T shirts that I didn’t recognize. It was very cool to see that, it made me even more proud to be a Dan. Did you find a great place for the free B+T poster you received after the screening of the pilot, yet?

Nomi: I am in the midst of redoing my office in which after I will put all my B+T posters up. I don’t like to hang things till I know everything is perfect. B+T is perfection. Perfection is worth the wait.

Tina: Unfortunately, I did not get a poster.

Nomi: Tina! You totally need to contact Brendan and get your hands on one!

Tina: I will do that, thanks you guys!! Yes, you should Tina! And thanks so much to both of you for giving us all the scoop!! I can’t wait to have viewing parties with you and the dandom…

Photos by Tina and Nomi.

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